America's International Challenge

Accepting birds from March 1, 2015 thru May 15, 2015

A RACE - High Rollers Tournament

B RACE - Challenger Series

AIC Race




Entry Fees: Race A
$515.00 per Bird

Entry Fees: Race B
$257.50 per Bird

Entry Fees: Both Races
$772.50 per Bird

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America's International Challenge

Come Join Us For Our Annual Race!


America's International Challenge Pigeon race series will be held in October & November 2015.
There are a few changes to our rules and information be sure to read our updated version.


 • A Race: High Rollers Tournament - $500 Entry Fee

 • B Race: Challenger Series - $250 Entry Fee

 • Birds must be declared for either Race A or Race B upon arrival.

 • The A Race birds will be eligible to fly the B Race.

 • Both Races Will Be Liberated Together

 • Live GPS on Training Truck

 • Live Webcam Viewing of Our Loft

 • Your bird will be eligible to fly BOTH races for the price of only one perch fee!

 • FREE perch fees if none of your team make the final race.  No one else offers this!



We paid out over 1 Million Dollars in the last 4 years. 
2015 will be AIC's 5th year so let's make it our best year yet!


For your convenience, you now have the option to pay your perch fees on line.

Go to the PayPal box to the left and click Buy Now.


If you have any questions
about this year's tournaments


(732) 239-3623

Klare: (864) 969-3403

c/o Frank Esposito

308 Casey Road

Woodruff, SC  29388

Contact Us At:


2 Great Races Flown from One Venue!

Accepting birds from March 1, 2015 thru May 31, 2015

All NEW for 2015

This is the Race You All Asked For...




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